Cheap Visual Studio Code(VSCode) Online Solution

Cheap Visual Studio Code(VSCode) Online Solution

Cheap Visual Studio Code(VSCode) Online Solution

Microsoft just released Visual Studio Code Online preview.

When use it for full time development, Visual Studio Online pricing will charge about ~50$/month, if you are looking for an alternative much cheaper solution while has similar functionality of VSCode online, you can actually use code-server and host similar online service in your own cloud.

For example, I hosted code-server in my own kubernetes cluster deployed in Azure, I use B2S VM which only charge me for ~30$/Month, P.S, same VM also runs other worloads, so it is much cheaper than offical preview VSCode online. I built a docker image which contains golang, gcc/g++, dotnet core, python, nodejs and lua support, when use the service, you could have editing & debugging support online, which is pretty fancy for me.

I published Dockerfile and kubernetes deployment files in my repository

  1. Dockerfile contains necessary steps to build the image, to build it, you can run "docker build -t huangyingting/code ." and "docker push huangyingting/code" to dockerhub. You can also customize it and add software you'd like to use in dockerfile.
  2. code-server.yaml is the kubernetes deployment file, I use oauth2_proxy to restrict who can access the ingress service, to configure oauth2_proxy, please refer to my previous post, then run "kubectl apply -f code-server.yaml"

I also captured some screen shots to demo what you can do from the online service

  1. Online editing of big git repository
  2. Debugging python codePython-Debug-VSCode